About Adam

I have over fourteen years of recruiting experience in corporate and agency environments.  I am interested in partnering with forward-thinking job providers and exceptional job seekers.

It’s been my personal contribution to help transform how companies hire new talent. I have been retooling my recruiting processes with modern, personalized solutions that leverage social media, expert crowd sourcing, web video and data analytics.

My clients have access to all data, on all candidates, encouraging full participation in the process and candidate exploration. This level of transparency is unprecedented and reflects my personal values and customer service priorities.

My career experiences have included talent acquisition, executive search, national search, team development and management, and client relationship management. I have run my own boutique agency and have worked in start-up and large company environments with aggressive hiring goals. I have consistently met and exceed these goals throughout my career. My industry experiences have included investment banking, high-tech, software, hardware, healthcare, entertainment, publishing, social media and pharmaceutical companies. I have developed and maintained successful relationships with hiring managers throughout my career. I enjoy learning about various industries and emerging markets

Some of my specialties are: Sourcing, Talent Acquisition, Relationship Management, Pitching, Closing, Managing Expectations, Offer Negotiations and Project Management.

You can contact me at 415.616.6308

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  1. Adam Finch

    November 16, 2011 at 11:42 AM


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